IT-Führungsrollen des Top-Management-Teams im öffentlichen Sektor


In the meantime, even in public sector organizations, there are often several IT leadership roles in top management. So far, however, we know very little about how these IT leadership roles are designed and how they can be distinguished from one another. This article uses Job mining of job advertisements in the public sector in order to identify competencies, responsibilities and tasks of the IT management roles by means of a qualitative content analysis and to formulate recommendations for action. While the competencies required for IT management roles include a university degree, language skills, and specialist and administrative knowledge, the responsibilities show different characteristics. The tasks are formulated in a role-specific manner, but show a number of overlaps between the IT management roles. These overlaps suggest a CTO–CDO dyad with an overarching CIO role. The practical recommendations include a higher weighting of English and digital skills as well as lifelong learning.

HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 59(3): 854–866