Giving Sense About Paradoxes: Paradoxical Leadership in the Public Sector

Although paradoxes are inherent to the public sector, few attempts have been made to better understand how to manage such competing yet interrelated demands effectively. This study examines how paradoxical leadership (i.e., leaders’ sense-giving …

Nonresponse bias in public leadership research: An empirical assessment

Self-reported measures of leadership are widely used in public management research, but nonresponse bias poses a threat to the validity of these data. Although this measurement problem is acknowledged, it has received limited empirical attention …

Essays on Motivation and Leadership in the Public Sector

The Habilitation focuses on two aspects vital for any organization: the motivation of its members and the leadership behavior of those responsible for supervising others. The two concepts - motivation and leadership - are studied in a specific type …

Developing a Short Scale to Assess Public Leadership

Tummers and Knies (2016) have recently introduced a 21-item scale for the measurement of public leadership to the burgeoning field of leadership research in public administration. However, due to restrictions in survey length and response time, …

The relevance of HRM and leadership for administrative modernization

Agreeing to disagree? Explaining self-other disagreement on leadership behaviour

Leadership research tends to treat differences among ratings of the same leaders as measurement error. Our study makes such varying perceptions of leadership behaviour its main phenomenon of investigation. We conceptualize divergent leadership …

Leadership and leadership research in the public sector.

Leadership in the public sector

What is effective leadership in the public sector and what effects does it have?

Auf ein Wort: Führung. Ein schwieriges Thema

Führung im Public Sector: Wie wird geführt und welche Veränderungen stehen an?