Motivation von Beschäftigten im öffentlichen Dienst

Was motiviert die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des öffentlichen Dienstes?

Changes in Prosocial Motivation over Time: A Cross-Sector Analysis of Effects on Volunteering and Work Behavior

A gap in research on prosocial motivation is that very little is known about its change across time, let alone, how such changes affect employee behavior. Using multiple waves of panel data, covering a period of sixteen years, this article finds that …

The Stability and Change of PSM-related Values across Time: Testing Theoretical Expectations against Panel Data

This article is a response to calls in prior research that we need more longitudinal analyses to better understand the foundations of PSM and related prosocial values. There is wide agreement that it is crucial for theory building but also for …

Besonders motiviert? Wie ein neues Konzept der Wissenschaft hilft, die Motivation der Beschäftigten im öffentlichen Dienst besser zu verstehen