How open is public administration research and what should we change to be more open?


In 2015 the Open Science Collaboration published the results of their large-scale replication of 100 published findings in psychology. The surprisingly low replicability of results published in top journals sparked the so-called credibility crisis in psychology. Researchers in psychology but also in many other social sciences, started to question their traditional ways of doing and publishing research. Many concluded that a more open type of science was necessary to regain credibility for social science. This development leaves us with the question, what conclusions public administration as a discipline draws from what is happening in other disciplines. What did we learn? What did we change? And what do we still need to change?

03. February 2020 16:00 PM — 16:00 PM
Department of Political Science
Sint-Jacobstraat 2 - Room S.M.271, 2000, Antwerpen