Open Science

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Open science plays an important role in my work. The term Open Science covers a variety of efforts to make research and its results more transparent and reliable. This includes among other things:

  • Open Access: Open access to research results, especially publications
  • Open Data: Open access to the data, which were used to produce research outputs
  • Open Materials: Open access to materials, which were used to conduct research and produce results

To increase (or restore) trust in science and to produce a reliable body of scientific knowledge, science has to become more open. I, therefore, strive toward including open science practices in my work. I already preregistered some new research projects, and I am planning to make my materials, analysis code, and data available. I also publish open access post-prints of all my publications after the respective embargo periods expired.

Dominik Vogel
Assistant Professor of Public Management

I am Assistant Professor of Public Management at the University of Hamburg. My research focuses on the motivation of public employees, what makes leadership in the public sector successful, how citizens interact with public administrations, and how public organizations manage performance.